3 Memorial Service Ideas That You Can Do Without A Body


When a person dies, he or she has likely made arrangements for his or her body. Many people are choosing to be cremated or to donate their bodies to science, rather than be buried. This can result in a difficult situation for people who are used to going to a funeral home and viewing the body. If you don't have a body, then why would you go to a funeral home? The truth is that funeral homes are established gathering places after a person has died and many of them have catering services set up so that you can have the after-funeral reception without much trouble or preparation on your part.

Here are some possible memorial services that you can do that don't require a body.

1. Floating Lanterns

If you live near a body of water, you can go online and purchase environmentally friendly, biodegradable paper lanterns. These lanterns will contain their own wick so that there is no waste when the flame finally burns out. In order to organize a floating lantern memorial service, contact all of your friends and family members that would be interested in coming to the service. Ask them to gather at the funeral home that you've chosen. At the funeral home, pass out markers and have each person write a note to the person who has died or write down a funny or interesting memory about them.

Before you go to the lake or the pond, have everyone read what they have written that is willing to do so. Then, go to the body of water, light the lanterns, and push them out into the water. Watch them until they disappear.

2. Cover the Room in Photos

Another option is to hold a craft service at the funeral home. Ask everyone to bring three or four photos or notes about the person that has died, as well as a roll of tape. Purchase two or three tri-fold boards and set them up all over the room. Everyone who comes to the funeral home can help you assemble these photo boards and share their memories about the day that the photo was taken or general memories about the person. This interactive service will give you a chance to share memories of your departed loved one even though there is no body.

3. Go to the Deceased's Favorite Place

One last idea is that you can go to the deceased's favorite place outside and have a picnic. This will bring everyone together and give people something to do while they enjoy the service.

For more information, talk to your funeral director (like those at Shepherd Funeral Home).


6 August 2015

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