5 Signs That Your Child Has An Ear Infection

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If your child is still quite young, he or she may suffer from an occasional ear infection. The infection can develop quickly and be quite uncomfortable for you little one. Due to the pain often associated with an ear infection, it is best to have it treated as quickly as possible to minimize your child's discomfort.

The pediatrician will usually prescribe an oral antibiotic, such as amoxicillin, to treat the infection.Nevertheless, an appropriate treatment cannot be prescribed unless you take your child to the pediatrician to be examined. If you recognize the signs of an ear infection, you can get your child the treatment he or she needs to recover before he or she experiences greater discomfort. Here are a few signs that child's ears are infected:

Constant Tugging at the Ears 

Ear infections may cause an itchy feeling within the ears that your child may try to alleviate by tugging at his or her ear lobes. If you only notice your child tugging on the ears a few times, there is probably little to be concerned about, especially if no other signs of an infection present. However, if the tugging is relatively constant, it may be best to schedule an appointment to have the youngster's ears assessed.

High Fever

The fever associated with an ear infection can quickly reach high temperatures that exceed 100 F. If you notice that your child incurs a high fever all of a sudden, an ear infection may be the culprit.

A Lengthy Cold

If your child has displayed cold symptoms for a few days or more, an ear infection may follow. A bit of the same fluid  from the nose can become trapped in the ear canal, where bacteria can breed in it. This bacteria causes the ear infection. 

The longer a cold presents, the more likely that your child will develop an ear infection from it.


The discomfort of an ear infection can make your child feel unusually cranky or irritable. You may notice him or her crying more easily and having more frequent tantrums.

Ear Pain

If your child is old enough to verbalize his or her discomfort, the little one may complain of ear pain. The pressure that may build up in the ear from the trapped fluid often causes the pain associated with an ear infection.

If you do notice symptoms of an ear infection, schedule an appointment with a pediatrician in your area to have your child's ears assessed. Home remedies, such as peroxide in the ears, should be avoided without the pediatrician's approval.


13 September 2016

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