3 Natural Anti-Aging Options Everyone Can Appreciate

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There's no reason to subject yourself to the pain and expense of plastic surgery or botox injections to keep yourself looking youthful as you age. With plenty of natural options to choose from, you should have no problem putting together an anti-aging regimen that is affordable, effective, and convenient. Best of all, natural anti-aging regimens don't have any side effects to worry about. Consider making use of one or more of the following options.

Schedule Acupuncture Treatments

Facial cosmetic acupuncture is quickly becoming popular among people who want to turn back the hands of time a little and gain a more youthful look. The process involves having small, thin needles strategically implanted in your face by a professional for a period of time before they are removed. Facial cosmetic acupuncture is said to make wrinkles less noticeable, minimize fine lines, and provide a healthier glow overall.

You'll likely need to schedule three or four sessions to get the results you want, and afterward you should have periodic treatments done to maintain your results. Consider having maintenance treatments done once every three months to maintain a youthful glow year round. You can also schedule body acupuncture treatments with a professional such as The Herban Alchemist at the same time to get rid of aches and pains you may have and to make yourself feel more vibrant all around.

Start a Yoga Regimen

Yoga does more than make your body more powerful and toned—it happens to provide anti-aging benefits too. By your practicing yoga on a regular basis at least a few times a week, if not daily, your muscles will gain more elasticity, your posture will improve, and your heart rate will stay in a healthy range, all of which will help reduce the development of fine lines and wrinkles as you age.

Yoga is also an excellent way to optimize your mental health and keep yourself feeling just as young as you look. Consider attending a yoga class at your local community center or YMCA once a week to learn the basics and then creating a quick 10-minute regimen to practice at home a few other days a week.  

Make Homemade Face Masks

With the help of a few basic ingredients that may already be lurking in your kitchen, you can make your own homemade facial masks that will help rejuvenate your skin, make lines and wrinkles less apparent, and keep your face looking supple and soft. Consider creating one or more of the following concoctions to try at home:

Mix and match your homemade facial masks throughout the week to reap the various rewards that they each brings to the table.

These natural anti-aging regimens should be convenient to implement no matter how busy your life gets, and you're sure to see results pretty quickly whether you use just one option alone or utilize a combination of them all. 


14 November 2016

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