Make Your Body Work For You: 3 Easy Side Gigs For The Cash Strapped College Student

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If you're in college and your part time job is not giving you enough extra money, then you should consider a side gig that you can do sporadically for extra cash. One great way to make some extra money is to find a job that lets you do something physical (yet not too stressful) so that you don't have to spend extra hours outside of class learning some new skill (such as a new database program or custom point of sale system). The three side gigs listed below are all relatively stress free, as long as you are comfortable with your body. Below are three options and a brief discussion of what they entail.

Work As A Professional Patient At A Med School

If your school also has a medical school program, or if you live in a city with a medical school, then an idea to consider is work as a professional patient. In this job, you will pretend to have a disease and be examined by med students. Before you sign on to do the job, you will speak with a administrator who will discuss exactly what is involved. Sometimes the role might be rather bland and not require much (eye strain, for instance, or a pain in your wrist); however, there are other areas which will be more invasive. You will not be forced to do something that you have not signed on for, so you can decide beforehand what you are comfortable doing.

This might also be a good side gig if you plan on attending medical school after college. It will look impressive on your application that you have worked with med students and already have experience with the procedures used in med schools.

Pose As A Life Model For An Art Class

If you are not comfortable being poked and prodded by med students, but you are super comfortable with your body, then you might like to work as a life model. Art class professors are always looking for models to pose for their classes. It does not matter if you look like a swimsuit model or bodybuilder, all sorts of body shapes can model. The difficulty, aside from being naked in front of strangers, is that you will have to hold poses. Some instructors might only have you pose for a few minutes, but in some classes you might be required to pose for extended periods of time (with short breaks in between). Now, if you are into yoga, then you might find this really easy, but other people should practice in their room to see if they are comfortable holding a static pose for a while.

Participate In Clinical Research Trials

If you aren't comfortable being prodded by med students or posing nude in front of a bunch of students, then you can participate in clinical research trials. These are not going to require any nudity or physical contact (besides things such as getting blood work, blood pressure taken, etc.). What you will be doing is helping companies test formulations of pharmaceuticals. These drugs have gone through preliminary testing phases and are now ready for human trials. You will be be monitored by expert physicians, not med students, so you need not worry about people who are inexperienced. The doctors that are administering these tests are employed by huge pharmaceutical companies. These companies want their test patients to be safe, so the companies hire the best doctors possible. If you're concerned about testing pharmaceuticals for really serious diseases, rest assured there are also opportunists for mild stuff such as antacids and decongestants.

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10 January 2017

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