3 Questions To Ask When Determining What Size Breast Implants You Should Get

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Of all of the types of optional plastic surgery, breast augmentation could easily be deemed as one of the most popular forms. Numerous women have their breasts enlarged with implants successfully. If you have decided that breast augmentation surgery is right for you, there is one big question you will be faced with: How big should you go? Choosing an appropriate breast size will make a huge difference in how satisfied you are with the end result. Here are three questions to ask yourself to help you decide what size breast implants you should get during your breast augmentation surgery.

What breast size would be proportionate with your body?

 If you are small and petite, choosing large implants will probably not be the best idea. While your desire may be to have fairly large breasts, you have to keep in mind that even an average size breast implant will probably look large on your smaller frame. When you have a petite shape, it can also be harder for your small body to carry the weight of the large implants on your chest, which means you may find the implants uncomfortable once the procedure is complete. 

What is your overall goal with getting breast implants?

This is a serious question to think about to help you determine the proper implant size. Some women primarily want implants so that their body shape is more proportionate. For example, if you are a larger-framed woman who has a flat chest, you may want a bustline that better matches the width of your shoulders or the width of your hips. Perhaps you want breast implants to make you feel more attractive in your clothing. It is important to know your end goal with breast augmentation before you pick a certain size. 

What size breasts will be comfortable for you to carry?

This one may sound strange, but the last thing you want is to pick large implants and later discover that you don't like how uncomfortable they are to carry . Some doctors will actually allow you to use fake implants that slip into your bra to give you an idea of which size is comfortable. If your doctor offers this, make sure you try on a few of the implants for size and take them home if possible. Wear the fasle implant while doing everyday things, such as getting dressed, going to work, or doing chores to determine how you feel about that particular size after a full and normal day. 


17 October 2017

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