3 Unusual Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills Some Women Experience


Whether you are looking for a long-term solution or a short-term way to prevent pregnancy, birth control in pill form has been one of the most common routes for women to take. While effective when taken appropriately, birth control pills can sometimes come along with side effects, which is something your OB/GYN will likely warn you about when you start taking it. While common side effects like slight nausea or spotting between periods may be expected, there are also side effects that many women often don't realize could be caused by the birth control they are taking. Here is a look at some of the lesser-known side effects of birth control in pill form. 

Decreased Sex Drive 

A decrease in sex drive is usually something you may blame on other problems, whether it is more stress than usual or even a lack of self-confidence. However, your birth control can also be responsible for changing your usual sex drive. This is because birth control is basically low-grade synthetic hormones, which can definitely have an effect on your interest in sex. Some women may experience slight changes that are hardly noticeable when taking birth control, but in rare cases, the change in sex drive can be pretty significant. 

Enlarged Breasts 

Swollen and sore breasts are a common symptom of pregnancy, so if your breasts start to swell while you are on birth control, you may be a little worried that maybe you have become pregnant. However, because birth control does alter your natural hormones, swelling breasts are a side effect that some women have. You may notice that your breasts seem larger only when you are taking the active pills in your birth control pack, or you may seem to have swollen breasts for the duration of the time you are taking the pills. 


Melasma is a condition that changes the skin's pigmentation in certain areas, specifically along the forehead, face, or neck. Melasma is relative to drastic changes in hormone levels. Therefore, if you are taking some forms of birth control that have a little higher synthetic hormone content, it can result in these odd patches of discolored skin. Most women who see these patches develop are unaware of what is causing the problem, and they may even blame the issue on something like skin allergies. However, with melasma, the discoloration will not subside right away; it can take some time for it to gradually fade. 

If you experience any of these side effects and they bother you, talk with your OB/GYN. There are many birth control brands out there, so you may just need to try a different kind to get the perfect fit.


29 December 2017

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