3 Features To Look For When Investing In A Portable Ultrasound Machine

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Access to quality imaging equipment is vital to the success of your veterinary practice. Unfortunately, not all animals who need an ultrasound are able to visit your office. Investing in a portable ultrasound machine gives you the ability to make house calls to check the status of your critical patients.

In order to meet your on-the-go imaging needs, you need a portable ultrasound machine with the right features.

1. The Right Frequency

Portable ultrasound machines are available in a variety of frequencies. Frequency plays a key role in determining how deep the imaging system is able to penetrate when completing an ultrasound of an animal's body.

If your veterinary practice focuses primarily on small animals, then a portable ultrasound machine with a higher frequency may suit your needs. If you will be working with larger farm animals, then a high-frequency ultrasound machine will produce images that are too superficial to be of any diagnostic benefit. Low-frequency ultrasound machines will be required when imaging large animals.

2. Low Power Settings

Patient safety is a top priority when making house calls. It's important that the tools and equipment you use to diagnose your patients will not cause any additional harm. Look for a portable ultrasound machine with low power settings.

A machine with higher power output settings has the potential to cause serious burns to the tissue or epidermis of the animal you are imaging. These burns put your practice at risk of being sued and can create serious discomfort for your patients.

3. Availability of Replacement Parts

Because portable ultrasound units are constantly being moved from one location to another, the potential for breakdown is high. When repairs are needed, you want to ensure that you can source replacement parts quickly in order to keep your ultrasound machine available for use at all times.

Before you invest in a portable ultrasound machine for your veterinary practice, take the time to see how readily available replacement parts are in your area. Stick to major manufacturers and common models if you want to reduce the time required to access replacement parts and keep repair costs as low as possible.

Portable ultrasound machines allow you to offer your animal patients the best level of service possible. Look for a machine that has the right frequency, a low power output, and readily available replacement parts to maximize the efficiency of your portable imaging services in the future. For more information, go to site.


25 April 2018

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