Pros And Cons Of Using Anti-Alcohol Medication As You Attempt To Beat Your Alcoholism

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One of the many techniques that people who abuse alcohol will use as a means to put this addiction behind them is to get anti-alcohol medication from a medical professional. This medication is designed to make you sick when you consume alcohol — even a small sip can cause you to vomit. Knowing that you have this medication in your system can encourage you to avoid alcohol, given that you don't want to make yourself sick. Many residential addiction treatment centers use this medication as a way to help their patients through the recovery process. Here are some pros and cons of using this medication.

Pro: It Can Make Recovery Easier

Getting over an addiction to alcohol is extremely challenging for lots of people, as it requires a significant amount of willpower to stop drinking. When you use this type of medication in this effort, it can make the recovery process easier. Even if you're tempted to drink, the knowledge that you'll be extremely sick can be a strong deterrent that prevents you from picking up a drink.

Con: You Need To Remember To Take It

For some people, remembering to take medication can be a challenge. If you're the type of person who has occasionally forgotten to take antibiotics or birth control pills in the past, or you have trouble getting into daily habits such as taking medication, this might not be the right recovery method for you. It can be easy enough to forget to take your medication, and that can mean that you can drink alcohol without experiencing the side effects that the medication provides.

Pro: It Can Save Time

Working through an alcohol addiction can be a time-consuming process, and while many people feel that devoting time to this process is worthwhile, there are others whose lives are so busy that it can be a challenge. If you're at a point in your life where you can't envision a dedicated recovery process that involves talk therapy, meeting with a sponsor, and other such steps, you may appreciate the way that you can curb your drinking with this medication.

Con: It Doesn't Address The Reason Behind Your Addiction

Anti-alcohol medication can be an effective way to stop drinking, but it doesn't help you to address the reason behind your alcoholism. In a sense, it's treating the symptoms of this reason, but not the reason itself. For example, many people drink because they're depressed, and while your use of the medication can help you to stay away from alcohol, it's not taking care of your depression in any way. Talk to an alcohol addiction professional to learn whether this medication is right for you. If you wish to go another route, your addiction counselor can suggest some other methods that can suit you.


28 November 2018

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