Reducing Anxiety In Pregnancy: Expectation Vs Reality

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If you have recently found out that you are expecting a baby, you are probably daydreaming of the beautiful little person who will someday be cooing in your arms. Unfortunately, there is a lot that still needs to happen before that can come to pass. Sometimes, it seems that pregnancy is a constant back and forth between imagining how beautiful your lives will be together and nightmares of what could happen.

There is a reason people call pregnant women "expectant mothers." They are expecting a lot! Unfortunately, sometimes reality does not align with these expectations. Some women experience a lot of anxiety during pregnancy due to this misalignment. Sometimes, babies just don't flip, preeclampsia sets in, and c-sections are needed. The important thing to remember is that that is okay. If you are experiencing any anxiety during pregnancy, a good thing to do is to try and focus on the things that you can control in order to reduce any anxiety you may be feeling. 

If you are feeling like you have no control in the situation, here are a few reminders.

Things you cannot control:

      Test Results. As the old adage says, 'what will be will be.' It can be very difficult to find out what is really happening with your body or your baby. Many women assign blame to themselves, thinking that if they had done something different, the outcome of a situation would be entirely different. Most of the time this is just not the case. Try to keep things in perspective so that you do not feel unnecessary guilt and pain.

      The BabyBabies literally have a mind of their own. No matter how much parents would like to change it, they really are just going to do what they want to do. Realizing that you do not have control over their actions can free your mind from over-stressing.

Things you can control:

      The Medical Help You Receive. There are so many choices to make about the medical help that you will receive. There are different types of doctors and obstetricians who can help, hospitals to choose, specific remedies that you can implement in your life. Instead of being a victim, choose to take action and get competent help for yourself. 

      Your Actions and Attitude. You are ultimately the one who decides what is going to happen with your body. Remember that you are in control of how you will respond to situations and what you will do about them. Just this simple knowledge can help to overcome a lot of anxiety that you may feel. Take your pregnancy into your own hands. Your baby will thank you for it.

For more information, contact a pregnancy care center such as Vita Center for Women LLC.


8 May 2019

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