Three Possible Reasons Why You'Re Having Extreme Period Pain

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No woman should have to struggle with extreme period pain. While many women go through discomfort on a monthly basis from cramps and related pain, that doesn't mean that pain that debilitates you or makes you feel sick is normal. If you're going through this, it may be one of these three conditions that you should go to a doctor for.


Fibroids are a type of growth that develops inside the uterus. The good news is, they're generally harmless, but they can induce a lot of pain for you during your period.

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths, which is good news. However, they can grow to be quite large, which can put you in a lot of pain during your period. In addition to menstrual cramps, they can also trigger back and abdominal pain.

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are another type of non-cancerous growth that can occur, but as the name implies, they form on the ovaries, not the uterus.

Ovarian cysts are a problem for a few reasons. First off, there are multiple kinds. Some ovarian cysts literally bleed every month when you have your period, and since there's nowhere for that blood to naturally go, it can cause a lot of pain.

Secondly, ovarian cysts can grow to be quite large. While some women have them and don't even know it because they have no symptoms, others will experience pelvic pain and severe cramps as a result of ovarian cysts. 


The last condition that could be causing your pain is endometriosis. Like the other conditions, it's ultimately a problem where something is growing where it shouldn't.

With endometriosis, the body grows uterine tissue outside of the uterus. For most women, it's limited to the pelvis and abdomen, but some people have developed it in completely bizarre parts of the body, including the brain.

Endometriosis is a problem in the same way that certain types of ovarian cysts are; it induces bleeding where there isn't supposed to be any. Since the blood can't escape the body, it's up to the body's immune system to break it down and remove it. Until that's accomplished, though, it can cause pressure in the pelvis. If that weren't bad enough, the endometrial tissue is also receptive to the same hormones that uterine tissue is, which means it can cause cramps wherever the endometrial tissue is.

All three of these conditions can be treated with both medication and surgery, depending on how severe your case may be. If you haven't been seen yet for your pelvic pain, get to a medical clinic to find out if it's one of these problems or something else. 


11 December 2019

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