3 Signs Your Toddler Might Need Speech Therapy

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No parent wants to see their child struggle, especially when it comes to an important skill like speaking. However, if you child suffers from a speech delay or a speech impediment, one of the most important things you can do to help is get them in speech therapy as soon as it's evident there may be an issue. If you have concerns, contact your child's pediatrician. They can refer you to a speech therapist who can do an extensive evaluation.

16 March 2019

4 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Help People With Dementia

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There are few things more painful than watching someone you love suffer from the effects of dementia. Dementia, a progressive neurological disease, can cause problems with more than just memory loss. It can also impair visual perception, reasoning, judgment, and even a person's language. It can be heartbreaking to watch a previously healthy and self-reliant adult suffer the consequences of these symptoms. Fortunately, there are treatments like geriatric short-term occupational therapy that can provide some improvement in the quality of life to patients with dementia.

7 February 2019