How Chiropractic Care Can Help Headaches


Approximately one in every twenty adults has a headache every single day. Because of this, many people visit their regular doctor to find relief. However, many times the only relief that patients find is in prescription medications, which can be very dangerous. Prescriptions can be addictive and can react badly with other medications or even certain types of food. However, visiting a chiropractor can provide alternative methods of relief that don't rely on prescription medications. Going to a chiropractor for headaches could be helpful. 

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors use the adjustments of misalignments in the spine, which are often called subluxations, to help provide relief for many ailments. The chiropractor will apply pressure to specific joints throughout the body, after determining which parts of the body are misaligned.

How can these adjustments help?

These subluxations cause discomfort in the back, spine, and neck. This can lead to tight muscles, which can cause pain throughout the body, including in the head. Having a chiropractor adjust them helps to put the body parts that are out of alignment back into place, thereby helping to relieve the tight muscles. 

When a muscle is tight in one area, it can cause tension in other areas throughout the body. Relieving a muscle that is tight in one area can help to reduce tightness as well as inflammation in other areas.

Why is this better than a regular medical doctor?

Chiropractors often use a more holistic approach to healthcare, which means they don't provide prescriptions or perform surgeries. This reduces the patient's chances of becoming addicted to prescriptions drugs. With surgeries, the doctors cannot always ensure that the surgeries will work, and sometimes a surgery may cause even more problems.

Chiropractor or masseuse?

Some may ask if it isn't better to visit a masseuse for tight muscles. In fact, chiropractors often work hand-in-hand with a masseuse or massage therapist in order to provide additional relief. After visiting the chiropractor, they may suggest a massage to help the muscles that have been adjusted stay more loose. 

Are there recommendations for after a visit?

It is always recommended that a patient drinks plenty of water after an adjustment and a massage. After being worked on, the muscles may tighten up if the patient is not properly hydrated. 

If the patient is in more pain after an adjustment, it is suggested that the patient call the chiropractor for another appointment. Sometimes the muscles may tighten up after an appointment, but the patient should not be in more pain afterward. 



15 December 2014

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