Midwives And Labor Pain Management: Four Key Drug-Free Methods

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Labor is not without some moments of pain, but most expectant mothers want to keep their discomfort to a minimum. In addition, many pregnant women prefer to alleviate their pain with natural methods. A great way to achieve both goals is to work with a certified midwife. These trained professionals focus on natural pain management, rather than the use of prescription drugs. Here's a closer look at some of the main methods midwives use to keep you as comfortable as possible during your labor. 


Lying in a tub of warm water eases the discomforts of labor for many women. For this reason, some facilities, such as birthing centers, typically offer tub soaks as a natural way to relax your body and manage pain. During the bath, you lie in a tub with water coming up to your abdomen. The water should not be too hot, just appropriately warm. The midwife will advise you on exactly when to start the soak, as using this technique too soon could cause your labor to decelerate. 


Injections of water into your lower back are another method used by midwives to keep labor pains, specifically back pain, under control. A major study has shown that injections of sterile water work better than saline solutions, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The study did not find that these injections had any important adverse effects on the women tested. The injections do sting at first, of course, but this annoying sensation fades quickly. 


The position of your body during labor can play an important role in reducing your level of discomfort. For example, some women feel more comfortable standing for a while, then sitting down or kneeling for a time. Your midwife is trained in the importance of body position and movement during labor. She can recommend various helpful positions and help you stand, sit, kneel and otherwise adjust your body as necessary.  


Patterned breathing, which involves breathing in and out in a specific rhythm, is also a good way to ease labor pains. When you focus on your breathing, you feel more relaxed and the pain seems less intense. Patterned breathing may also assist you in other ways during labor, such as helping you avoid pushing at an inappropriate moment.  

Midwives perform a number of important functions for their patients, with the natural alleviation of labor pains being one of the most critical. For more information about this topic, contact a company like Women's Healthcare Associates LLC.


18 March 2015

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