3 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Neck

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Is your neck constantly hurting because of an injury or chronic pain? If so, then here are 3 ways to improve the health of your neck so that you can function better on a daily basis.

Ultrasound Therapy

First, ultrasound therapy is a good choice if you have constant neck pain and muscle injuries. Ultrasounds are not just used to look at babies. In fact, they can be used to search for blood clots and to treat injured muscles.

Because an ultrasound machine is very expensive, you will most likely need to visit a chiropractor who can do this treatment. During the treatment, the doctor will place warm gel on your neck, and then he or he will run the ultrasound wand over your neck for a few minutes.

This works because the ultrasound sends waves into your muscles that have a healing effect. You may not notice significant results after just one treatment, but after a few treatments you should start to notice a difference.

TENS Therapy

Next, consider the use of TENS therapy to treat your neck pain. A TENS unit sends electric pulses into your muscles which cause them to contract and release. This can relieve tension and get rid of headaches as well. If you start to have a muscle spasm, put the electrode pads directly on the muscle and turn the unit onto a low setting.

TENS therapy requires the use of electrodes and a small hand held device to control the intensity of the electrodes. You can buy one of these units and use it as often as you need to.

As a good word of advice, make sure that you buy some extra sticky pads because they will eventually lose their stick over time. One of the reasons to do this type of therapy is because it provides relief to your muscles.

You can eventually increase the intensity, but do not make your neck muscles hurt worse by using a setting that is too intense right away.

Chiropractic Therapy

Lastly, you can improve the health of your neck by doing chiropractic therapy on a regular basis. This can involve getting your neck adjusted, doing some physical therapy exercises, and chiropractic massages.

Your chiropractor can also assess where the pain is and how to best treat it so that you do not injure the muscles further. 

You may need a combination of these 3 treatments to greatly improve the health of your neck, but start out with one treatment and then build on it.


20 March 2015

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