4 Tips For Better Joint Replacement Recovery

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If you have an upcoming scheduled joint replacement surgery, you may be nervous about what to expect during the recovery process. This type of surgery is serious and after-care should be handled carefully in order to get the best recovery results. With extra care and consideration, you can do well. Take a look at the following information for some helpful tips on how to best handle your joint replacement recovery process. 

1. Follow Your Surgeon's Orders

One of the most important steps to proper recovery is the importance of following your surgeon's orders. If he or she tells you avoid walking around for a certain amount of time, follow the rules! You should also take all of your recommended medications and attend all follow-up appointments. While you may not think certain things are necessary, it's the professional's job to decide what's best for your body and your recovery. 

2. Get Help from Loved Ones 

It's best to have a family member or friend there for support during your recovery period. It can be difficult to properly move around your home, and you may not be able to for a long period of time, so having a friend to help out is necessary. Your loved one can also help with difficult tasks such as driving and bathing. It's not worth seriously injuring yourself in an attempt to do everything without assistance. Talk with your loved ones well in advance of your scheduled surgery to make sure that they're available to help out. 

3. Follow an Exercise Routine

While you may not be able to fully walk right away, you need to practice small exercise routines in order to get used to your new joint replacement. Working with a physical therapist is recommended so that you're practicing safe exercises. Make sure that you keep up with your exercises on a regular basis so that you heal and are strong. 

4. Consider a Rehabilitation Center

If your family is unable to help out or if you feel you would benefit with extra round-the-clock assistance, it may make sense to get care from a rehabilitation center. With this situation, medical professionals will be able to help at all hours of the day with your needs. If you have special needs and considerations, your surgeon may suggest this option. If so, don't ignore this need! 

These tips can help you better heal after a joint replacement surgery. If you have any questions or concerns about your joint replacement needs, contact a joint replacement specialist office like Richmond Orthopedic Associate Inc


22 June 2015

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