3 Ways Dental Implants Boost Quality Of Life Compared With Dentures

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Whether you've worn dentures for many years or are just now planning to have your remaining teeth extracted, you may be considering having a full set of dental implants to replace your teeth. While thinking about this decision, it's important to understand that dental implants can boost the quality of your life compared with wearing dentures. 

Improved Appearance

Even the best full sets of dentures do not look as natural as dental implants do. A main problem is that they are placed on the gums instead of having roots in the jawbone like normal teeth do. 

Another issue involves the entire shape of the lower part of the face. When no teeth roots are in the jawbone, the bone reacts by gradually deteriorating. The person's mouth starts to look caved in, making them appear older than they are. Implants stabilize the jawbone and prevent deterioration.

Better Teeth Stability & Jaw Integrity

With implants, you can eat sticky foods such as caramel, and you can chew gum without worrying that your artificial teeth will come loose. You can bite into apples, chomp on steak and enjoy a big salad of crunchy vegetables. You never have to limit what you order at a restaurant or what you eat in social situations because of your teeth. 

Relatively vigorous chewing is important for your jawbone, as it essentially functions as a weight-bearing activity that stimulates the body to deposit new bone cells there. It's similar to the way that regular walking preserves bone density in people at risk of osteoporosis. A study published in 2006 verified that chewing gum increases bone density in the jaw.

Never Having to Remove Your Artificial Teeth

No matter how close your relationships are with the people in your life, you still may feel embarrassed if they see you without teeth. With dental implants, you never have to remove the artificial teeth for cleaning or other reasons. You simply brush and floss like you would natural teeth.

Some dentists recommend that patients keep dentures out of the mouth at least part of the day, perhaps while sleeping. Doing so takes some pressure off the gums and jawbone, and gives the gum tissues a chance to breathe. This is disappointing for many individuals who sleep with a partner and don't like how they look with their teeth out. 

Concluding Thoughts

Contact a dentist or place like New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry who provides affordable dental implants to learn more. Schedule an appointment to learn whether you're a good candidate. Even if you already have some degree of bone loss in the jaw, bone grafting often can resolve that problem and allow patients to gain all the advantages of implants. 


30 June 2015

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