Three Natural Remedies For Beating Bee Stings

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If you are mildly allergic to bees and other flying insects, you understand just how worrisome their stings can be. A bee sting allergic reaction might include swelling and redness in the area, in addition to bumps and pain. Because of these allergic reactions, you need to be sure that you internalize some key natural remedies. Take advantage of the tips below, in order to get help and relief from bee stings as they happen. 

Use Lavender Essential Oil On The Bee Sting

To deal with the symptoms of a bee sting, one of the first places you can turn is your local natural health store. Search the essential oil aisle for pure lavender—organic if possible. Take the lavender oil and apply a few drops to the spot where the bee sting occurred, without diluting it. Adding these lavender essential oil drops to the bee sting will allow the oil to neutralize the effects of the bee's poison. Utilize this essential oil for as often as you need to, until the bee sting no longer irritates your skin or creates any other allergic reaction. 

Use Baking Soda On Your Bee Sting

Baking soda is another wildly successful home remedy for bee stings. It works because the baking soda is purely base, while a bee's venom is purely acidic. By adding baking soda to the spot of the bee sting, the venom acid will be effectively counterbalanced. For best results, you can mix the natural baking soda and a bit of water or vinegar, in order to create a thick, gooey paste. This baking soda paste can be applied to the site of the bee sting and should be left there for about a quarter of an hour before being rinsed off.

Use Meat Tenderizer On Your Bee Sting

Open up the kitchen cabinet if you want to take advantage of one of the most effective natural bee sting remedies. Meat tenderizer is an excellent remedy for bee sting allergic reactions, because it contains a naturally active ingredient that fights the bee's venom. This active ingredient, known as papain, works against the toxins injected by the bee. You can apply this to the site of the bee sting as often as you need to, taking breaks every couple of hours. 

Try out these remedies, and be sure to touch base with an allergy specialist such as Oak Brook Allergists if you need further help.


4 August 2015

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