Increase Your Mobility With A Home Stairlift

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If you are one of many individuals in today's world who struggles with mobility issues due to chronic arthritis, injuries or medical issues that cause you to become winded when walking up the stairs, you may be a good candidate for a stair glide stair lift device. Stair lifts can be used both indoors and out, and are suitable for both standard and curved staircases. These helpful mobility devices are ideal for individuals of all ages, and are typically designed to safely hold between 250 and 500 pounds, depending on the specific model. Whether you're in need of temporary mobility assistance or a permanent solution to increase your independence, a stair lift is an ideal option. 

How do Stair Lifts Work?

Stair lifts are mobilized chairs that travel up and down staircases via a secure track. While features can vary depending on specific make and model types, most stair lifts are designed with large cushioned seats, secure footrests, seat belts and hand controls that allow users to easily navigate the units with little effort. The units are typically designed to run on standard electricity, batteries, or both. One of the best aspects of a battery-operated stair lift is that it will run efficiently during power outages, so users never have to worry about the units halting in the event of an emergency. Most stair lift models are also equipped with remote controls that allow for easy navigation when seated or standing at the top or bottom of the stairs. 


Most stair lift models require professional installation, as specific safety requirements need to be met in order for the units to function properly. During the installation process, a licensed technician fits the track onto the staircase and secures the chair to the track with mounting brackets. Once the installation is complete, the technician will typically perform a demonstration to ensure that the new owner can operate the unit safely. 

Increased Mobility and Optimal Safety 

While walking up and down staircases may seem like an easy task for most people, the reality is that this seemingly simple activity can cause significant pain and discomfort in those with limited mobility. Bending the knees can cause severe pressure on the joints, and walking up steep inclines can lead to shortness of breath in individuals with heart conditions. Installing a stair lift is a safe and practical solution that allows for increased mobility and safe, independent navigation both indoors and out. 


5 August 2015

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