2 Gentle Forms Of Exercise To Relieve Your Back Pain From Arthritis

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If your arthritis has traveled into your back and is leaving you feeling stiff and sore, finding the right types of exercises might be the right solution for your pain. To get pain relief through exercising, you will need to find options that are mild and gentle and that will strengthen the muscles in your back. Here are two good options to try to help ease your back pain caused by arthritis.

Water therapy

Exercising in water has several advantages over exercising outside of water, but the main one is the decreased pressure and tension placed on your muscles while working out. The buoyancy of water offers a gentle way to exercise for people with arthritis, and it is even more beneficial when the water is relatively warm.

The resistance you feel from the water as you walk through a swimming pool can actually help you strengthen the muscles in your body. While walking through the water is good, you can also perform exercises while you are in the water. Here are some options:

  • Stretch your arms out and back in, making sure your body is underwater up to your shoulders
  • Bend your legs while holding your back straight and bob up and down
  • Use water weights and lift them up and down

After you exercise in a pool, you are likely to feel relief from your back pain. Your muscles may be looser and less tense, and you are not likely to feel pain or soreness from the actual activities you performed.


A second type of gentle exercise you can do to ease back pain from arthritis is yoga. Yoga is an activity that is made up of two main things. The first part of yoga is stretching. Learning and practicing stretching moves can help you become stronger and more mobile. The second part is breathing exercises. Breathing techniques can be useful for both pain relief and stress relief.

One of the reasons people with arthritis suffer from back pain is from the lack of movement. If you feel like you are too sore to exercise or even move around, you should consider trying yoga. It will help you stretch and build your muscles, and it will not leave you with any more pain than you already have.

Finding exercise options that are easy to do can help you with the pain you are having. If you would like to learn more about either of these options or other gentle forms of exercise, talk to your doctor today.


20 October 2015

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