How To Get Workers' Comp For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of your occupation, you might be eligible for workers' compensation insurance. You will need to be able to prove that the condition started because of your job and not before you began working there. Here is more information about getting workers' comp benefits for this condition.

How does carpal tunnel happen in the workplace?

The first thing you need to do is find out if you could have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome from work. After visiting your doctor for the initial diagnosis, consider the different ways someone can get it from work. This is a repetitive motion injury, so it is often from performing the same task over and over again with your hands. This may be filing papers if you are a filing clerk, typing on a computer, or using a cash register. It is also common among butchers and deli workers who do a lot of cutting and slicing, as well as warehouse workers that are doing the same job for hours on end without a break. Since it is your responsibility to take the right breaks, also consider whether you have had these opportunities.

What proof do you need of the injury?

With these causes in mind, remember that in order to get workers' compensation, you need to have sufficient proof of the injury and what caused it. This requires you to inform your employer of the injury and let them know you have already seen a doctor about it. The employer will likely send you to an approved workers' comp doctor next, who will do the same examination and give you a diagnosis. Be honest with what work is performed during the day and they will determine if that could have caused the condition. They may also check your medical records to look for signs of having the injury before working at your current job.

How do you file for workers' compensation?

One you have seen the workers' comp doctor and they agree the injury is due to your work duties, it is time to file for benefits. Visit your company' human resources department to get the required paperwork and instructions on filling it out. You will need to be completely honest on this paperwork, including details about your symptoms, what ailments you have, and what doctors or specialists (like Hand Rehabilitation Specialists) you have been to. You may be able to get benefits for medical costs and missing income if you need to take some time off work. 

If your original application for benefits is denied, consult a workers' compensation lawyer. They will help you file an appeal.


9 February 2016

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