Eliminate Lice And Prevent Them From Becoming A Problem Again

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Lice are small pests that feed off of the human blood on the scalps of humans. They can cause severe itching, which may lead to restless nights of sleep, irritability, and rashes. If you have been diagnosed with a lice infestation, learn how to effectively remove them with the following tips. Once your head is lice-free, being vigilant in your daily practices will prevent them from becoming a nuisance again.

Apply Special Shampoo And Comb Hair Daily

Purchase shampoo that contains pesticides that are designed to kill lice. Apply a generous amount of the shampoo to your hair while it is still dry and leave it on your head for the amount of time that is listed on the shampoo's package. Work the shampoo into a lather by adding plenty of water to it. Rinse the shampoo out and towel dry your hair.

Use a nit comb to eliminate lice and any eggs that are stuck to strands of hair. Begin in one section of your hair and take your time so that you comb every strand of hair on your head. Dispose of any dead lice and eggs. If the shampoo doesn't kill all of the lice, consult with your physician concerning hair products that are stronger. Comb your hair daily to eliminate any eggs that you may have missed during the initial combing process. Ask a loved one to assist you with inspecting your hair and combing it until there are no more traces of lice. 

Add Gel Or Spray To Help Keep Hair Tangle-Free

Some products that are available for purchase are designed to untangle hair which will make it easier to remove lice and eggs that are hidden deeply in your hair. Purchase a gel or spray and apply it liberally to dry hair. Rub the product into your scalp until it is evenly distributed.

Comb out your hair with a nit comb until all tangles have been eliminated. Again, have someone assist you if possible so that they can inspect your scalp and hair to make sure that all of the lice and eggs have been removed. Continue using the product that you purchased daily until the lice problem has been resolved completely.

Disinfect Items And Avoid Sharing Items That Will Come Into Contact With Your Head

Wash bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, and linens with hot water to kill lice and eggs that are present. Dry items in a dryer that is adjusted to a high setting before placing them back in rooms in your home. Apply a lice killing spray to each item in order to prevent additional lice from going on them. Avoid sharing brushes, combs, hats, or any other item that come into contact with your head.

By completing each of these steps, your head and home will remain lice-free.


18 April 2016

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