What To Do After Your Skin Has Been Damaged

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At this point, almost everyone is aware of how much damage the sun can do to their skin. Even so, some people still do not routinely use sunscreen and some still use tanning beds or bake on the beach without enough protection. Once you have already harmed your skin, can you repair it? Although you can never completely erase years of damage, you can take steps to at least mitigate some of the surface damage.


When you are 12, you get freckles. As you age, those brown spots are more likely caused by sun damage. These "age" spots can be faded by using OTC or prescription products, but be aware that the damage under the surface remains. You still need to have your skin checked for possible skin cancers, even if the dark spots are barely visible. Experts recommend applying sunscreen in the morning and lotions or creams containing retinol at night. Retinoids may actually repair some of the skin damage as well as make your skin look better.


Your dermatologist can also perform dermabrasion on you. This procedure actually removes the top layer of your skin, effectively removing some scars and other visible damage. A milder version of this treatment is called microdermabrasion. Removing the rough surface of your skin can help it grow back smoother and more youthful looking. If you have moderate facial issues, this process can work well for you. More severe damage may require stronger measures.


If you can afford the process, having Fraxel laser treatments can do much to restore your skin. Although it can cost several thousands dollars to get multiple treatments, the laser serves to stimulate collagen production. The laser puts micro holes into your skin's surface. Although your face will look red and be tender for a few days, you will not look horribly disfigured for weeks as you would with earlier laser treatments. As your skin repairs itself from the laser damage, you can expect dark spots to fade, pores to shrink, and wrinkles to lessen.

Once you've thoroughly damaged your skin, you cannot "cure it." Fortunately, you can effectively treat the surface issues, and you may be able to help the deeper layers of your skin as well. However, these procedures do not reduce your risk of skin cancer. Prevention is the best course to take, but you are not stuck with the visible signs of your youthful sun exposure. Your skin can be healthier and more attractive if you seek treatment from a dermatologist, like Henry E. Wiley, III, M.D.



28 July 2016

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