4 Common Treatments For Couples Dealing With Infertility

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It can be terribly straining on a couple when they are having difficulty conceiving. However, there are methods that can be used to help with any infertility issues. While adoption is still an option, you should not rule out seeking medical assistance to help with your pregnancy. Below are four different fertility treatments. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks. This brief explanation will help you learn some of the options and then you can discuss

Fertility Drugs

Fertility medicines are great for women who don't suffer from endometriosis. The drugs are also perfect if the male has normal sperm levels. What the drugs do is stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. The drugs can be taken orally, or via an injection. There is no surgical procedures required, so they tend to be less expensive than other procedures.

In Vitro Fertilization

This process involves extracting the eggs and then fertilizing them in a laboratory setting with the partner's sperm. Beforehand, the woman will have to undergo tests and also, often, take fertility drugs. The process is used with women who have problems with their Fallopian tubes, as well as endometriosis. It is also used when the male has low sperm counts. There are not as many fertility medications for men, so when the issue is a low sperm count, the solution is often In Vitro fertilization.

Egg Donation

For women who no longer have viable eggs (because of age or illness) then a solution is egg donation. This works by selecting a donor who will undergo tests and then doctors will harvest her egg. At this point, the donor egg will undergo In Vitro fertilization with the sperm of male partner. The fertilized egg is then implanted into the woman. This process is used for women who want to experience the physical sensation of carrying a child to term and then delivering. It is expensive because, aside from the money for the donor, there is also the need to have medication (for the woman who will have the egg implanted), and the IVF treatments.


In the case of a woman who cannot carry a baby (hysterectomy or some other issue) then a solution is surrogacy. A surrogate is chosen and the couple can either use their own egg and sperm, or a donated egg, and have the surrogate carry the child to term. This is perhaps the most costly method as it involves IVF, and also requires the donor to carry the child to term, for which she will need to be compensated.

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