Three Things To Do When You Use A Hearing Aid For The First Time

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If you have never worn a hearing aid before, you will need some time to get comfortable using one. Sometimes people have bad experiences using a hearing aid, so they give up on using it. However, they can be incredibly beneficial to your life. They will allow you to participate in activities that have become difficult with a loss of hearing. The following are a few things to keep in mind as you begin using a hearing aid that will help you transition to integrating this device in your life.

Don't turn down your hearing aid

The first time you begin using your hearing aid, you may be overwhelmed by the apparent volume of the sounds. This loudness is seldom due to the volume of sound, but simply that your brain has become accustomed to having less hearing. You need to avoid turning down the volume to a level that reduces the effectiveness of the hearing aid, and give your brain a chance to adjust to your new hearing. A hearing doctor can recommend a setting for volume. Use this setting and avoid turning it up and down.

Ease yourself into using your new hearing aid

Because you want to avoid turning down your hearing aid, you want to limit the time you use it to an hour or two each day. The exact amount will vary by individual, but you want to start out with a limited amount of time, and then slowly build up your tolerance for daily usage, until it becomes a part of your routine, and you only take it off when you sleep at night and shower.

Avoid public places

When you first use your hearing aid, avoid public places where there are multiple sounds. This can be unpleasant. Try starting out slowly in your living room with your television, listening to a news channel. The speaker will usually have a clear voice, and you are likely to be familiar with the sound levels of the television set, so you will know what the normal volume settings are.

A hearing aid can improve the quality of your life in dramatic fashion. But if you expect too much from these devices too soon, you are likely to be disappointed and give up on using one before you have given it a chance. It takes time to adapt to using a hearing aid, but if you use the tips listed above, the transition to a life of improved hearing will be easier.

For more tips, talk to doctors at facilities like Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing Center.


27 September 2017

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