Hospitalist-Approved Tips For A More Streamlined Inpatient Practice

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Whether you are a new hospitalist or are an existing one who is struggling to manage your time and resources while treating your patients in the hospital, each of these hospitalist-approved tips listed below will help you streamline your inpatient medical practice:

Hospitalist-Approved Tip: Be Mindful of the Order You Choose to Use When Rounding on Hospital Patients

Streamlining your inpatient practice requires you to first plan the order in which you will round on each of your patients. By taking a different approach to which patients you see in what order, you can make your workday a lot smoother.

For example, did you get a new admission overnight that has immediate needs and a family waiting around anxious to talk with you? By knocking out this need first, you can lower the stress on everyone and check off this patient from your rounding list.

Additionally, you may have existing patients who are waiting on specialist consults or medical procedures who simply need you to stop by, ask about their general condition, and then be done with them until the next day. Getting these easier patients off of your day's list early in the day will free up your time for the more complicated cases.

Hospitalist-Approved Tip: Get On Top of Ordering Tests

If you have patients needing additional lab or x-ray tests before you can make a decision for their care, then order these tests and plan to round on these patients once the results have been received. Note this plan in the chart so if the patient or their family asks the nurse when you will be rounding, they can tell them you are waiting specifically for the test results. 

Hospitalist-Approved Tip: Discharge Patients as Early as Possible

Since the hospital is waiting for you to discharge patients who are able to go home so they can have beds for new incoming patients who are likely sitting around in the emergency room, take the time to write the discharge orders first thing in the day and get the discharge process moving. By keeping things moving, you will prevent all of the staff interruptions asking you about writing your orders and freeing up the bed.  

Hospitalist-Approved Tip: Consider Using a Streamlined Inpatient Practice Management Software for Assistance

In addition to each of the hospitalist tips listed above, you should also seriously consider using a streamlined inpatient practice management software to help streamline your inpatient practice. A good-quality software package will help you save time, maximize your resources, and provide excellent care to each of your patients. 


8 October 2018

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