3 Ways That Birth Doulas Can Help Your Partner Feel More At Ease During Childbirth

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If you're pregnant, you may be wondering if it's a good idea to hire a birth doula. They're capable of providing much-needed support for you during labor by standing by your side, helping you manage pain, and acting as an advocate to medical professionals to help make sure your childbirth goes according to your desired birthing plan. Hiring a doula can help reduce your anxiety about giving birth by providing you with an experienced guide. However, many people overlook the fact that doulas can be very useful for your partner as well — you're not the only one who benefits from developing a relationship with a doula. To learn three ways that a doula can help your partner feel more at ease during the birth of your child, read on.

1. Doulas Provide Continued Support When Your Partner Needs to Take a Break

It's not unusual for labor to stall during childbirth, and your partner may simply run out of stamina after a few hours. When your partner needs time to eat, go to the bathroom or take a rest, your birth doula will still be there to provide the support that you need. Having a doula by your side allows your partner to step away temporarily without feeling like they're abandoning you, which helps make them feel more comfortable about the entire process.

2. Doulas Can Reassure Your Partner That Everything Is Going Well

One of the most important roles that birth doulas perform is to comfort both you and your partner while you're in labor. It's common for partners to be anxious during childbirth because they don't know exactly how you're feeling or how to gauge the degree of pain or discomfort that you're in during labor. A birth doula can provide your partner with peace of mind by constantly reassuring them that everything is normal. Since most doulas will have personally assisted with numerous deliveries, your partner can rest easy knowing that your doula is speaking from experience.

3. Doulas Can Teach Your Partner How To Become More Involved During Labor

Finally, a birth doula can also help teach your partner how to support you effectively during labor. Birth doulas know several techniques that can help naturally reduce pain, such as the best positions to shift into when your body becomes sore during extended labor, how to use heating pads to soothe aching muscles, and how to best massage someone to relieve tension. A birth doula can teach your partner about these techniques, allowing them to participate more actively in the birth process. If your partner feels like they're being left out because you've chosen to rely on a birth doula for support rather than relying solely on your partner, then teaching them how to best support you during labor can help them feel much more involved.

While the main function of birth doulas is to be your primary support system during the birth of your child, they also benefit your partner as well. If you're pregnant and wondering if hiring a doula to support you is the right choice, talk about it with your partner and interview potential doulas together — a doula can help both you and your partner feel much more comfortable with the entire process of labor and delivery.

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8 September 2021

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