Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Treatments

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Following a healthy diet and exercise program may not result in the level of fat reduction that you desire. Stubborn pockets of fat along the midline, upper arms, or thighs could be holding you back from your full potential. Body sculpting consists of a series of cosmetic procedures. Fat cells are reduced by freezing them, injecting them with acid, or by using a laser or ultrasound wand.

Why Choose A Non-Invasive Procedure?

Traditional body sculpting that is designed to provide prominent results often involves an invasive procedure that will require a moderate amount of downtime. Small incisions are made within areas where fat is located. Fat is sucked out during the surgical procedure.

A non-invasive procedure is a cosmetic one that will not require incisions. A certified doctor may offer several different procedures that fall under the term "body sculpting". Each procedure is typically performed during an office visit. The recovery time isn't lengthy and many patients are typically pleased with the results that they receive.

What Can A Patient Expect During An Office Visit?

A doctor will outline various body sculpting procedures. A patient may be eligible to receive one or more body sculpting treatments. A sculpting process involves freezing fat cells. A machine is used to administer coolness to the areas where fat is prominent. The low temperature won't permanently damage skin. The results that a client sees may not be prominent right away. This is due to it taking time for dead fat cells to be eliminated from the body.

Laser fat reduction utilizes heat. The high temperature destroys fat cells. A wand is used to administer heat to the areas that a doctor has outlined. An ultrasound body sculpting procedure uses sonic waves to break up fat cells. A wand is used during this procedure, similar to how a laser fat reduction procedure is performed. The laser and ultrasound procedure both will result in a hot feeling spreading across the area that is being treated.

Acid injections are used to destroy fat cells. A patient's skin will be prepped and local anesthesia may be given, prior to injecting the acid solution into the body. Pain and bruising at the injection site may occur after treatment. A muscular stimulation procedure is one last procedure that uses an electrical stimulator to destroy fat cells. The muscles will expand and contract in the same way that muscles would be worked out during exercise. 

For more information, contact a body sculpting treatment center near you.


6 April 2022

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