The Three Key Types Of Wrinkle Treatments Offered At Most Med Spas

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Wrinkles are a common concern as people grow older. Facial wrinkles and fine lines can make your skin look older, and they can make you look older. There are many different wrinkle treatments and remedies available today. Over-the-counter creams from a local pharmacy are the least invasive, but they only yield mild results. On the other end of the spectrum, you have surgical facelifts, which yield dramatic results but are costly and painful. In the middle, you have a variety of minimally invasive procedures, which are typically available at a med spa. The following are three of the most common, desirable wrinkle treatments available at most med spas.


Botox is an injectable wrinkle treatment. It consists of a toxin produced by botulinum bacteria. That toxin paralyzes the nerve endings that coordinate with your facial muscles, which essentially immobilizes those facial muscles. These effects are not permanent; they last a couple of months. Botox works really well for dynamic wrinkles, which are wrinkles that become more obvious when you move your face. For example, your practitioner may recommend Botox for frown lines, smile lines, and crow's feet.


Fillers are injectable solutions that ease wrinkles by adding volume to your skin. They usually contain a substance such as collagen or hyaluronic acid. These substances are found naturally in your skin, but they diminish with age. So, injecting some back into your skin will help give it a more youthful look and ease the appearance of wrinkles. Fillers tend to work best for static wrinkles, which are those that remain visible even when you are not moving your skin. For example, your practitioner may recommend them for folds between your nose and lips. The results last a few months, and sometimes closer to a year.


If most of your wrinkles are really fine lines, then your med spa practitioner may recommend a procedure called microneedling. Microneedling involves the insertion of many tiny needles into a part of your skin. Your body then goes about healing these tiny wounds, and in the process, it creates more collagen. This collagen gives your skin more structure and elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Microneedling will cause your skin to be red and irritated for a few days after treatment, but the results are often worth it.

Talk to a med spa practitioner to learn more about these three wrinkle treatments. They can take a look at your skin and let you know which treatment is likely to work best. 


18 July 2023

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